EGR Problems?

Is Your Car Suffering From A Sticking Or Blocked EGR Valve? These Simple Valves Return Exhaust Gas Back Into The Inlet Air Stream, However Over Time They Can Carbon Up With The Residue Left Over From A Running Engine

Many people believe to they're peril that buying 'blanking' kits from places like Ebay will cure they're cars problem with the EGR valve, very foolish! the EGR does more than just pass Exhaust Gas which is why after most have fitted 'blanking plates' the engine warning light appears on the dash or worse, puts the car into 'limp mode' a fail safe inbuilt to the vehicles ECU to do exactly what it says, 'limp home'

Macclesfield Remapping can offer you the proper solution to delete EGR valves, Swirl Flaps, Adblue, DPF, even P code delete in some cases where 2nd lambda for example has been removed